Getting users to stay past registering

In the upcoming patch for Territory Wars, Jørgen has been hard at work implementing anonymous users. Until now, you had to register with your email and a username to access the game, or sign up with your Google account.

This is a very common setup for online games as the service provider needs some sort of ID to identify you from all the other players. Unfortunately some people think Territory Wars looks great and downloads it to their device, but is put off by the fact that you have to register.

Now, we don’t inform that you have to register to play the game on the download page, as we think it’s implied when dealing with other players online. But now Jørgen has outdone himself, new and previous users that downloaded the game can get right into the action without registering. You guys that already have registered will of course not be affected.

So in the next path we give all new players a “user-123456” user name by default. We inform of this, and you can choose several different options:

  • You can stick with the "user-123456" user name, this is the handle your friends see and use to start games with you
  • You can register a custom user name, and this will be your new handle. At this point you still have not registered your email, so if you lose or reset your phone you have no way to sign into that account again.
  • You can register a custom user name and an email address. Now you can lose your phone and still be able to log in, you can even log in on multiple devices; like all your phones and tablets! 

The takeaway here is some folks are picky about their internet presence. I can promise you right here and now that Glacial Labs will NEVER do anything to compromise your user data. Both me and Jørgen are firm beleivers that selling user data is rubbish - you can trust us!

Never the less, Jørgen is working to implement this feature. We hope we can get more of our new users to start playing as many seems to download it and drop it as soon as they are guided to the registration part. This change will enable new users to get right into the game and start playing without entering any user credentials. Non-registered user will at any time be able to register for a user name and add an email address for multi-device support. But they can also play right from the get-go! Hopefully new users will enjoy the game and register for the convenience of having their own user name and account :-)