Why we went to Indiegogo for crowdfunding

Last week we launched our Indiegogo, and our goal is to crowdfund an IOS version of Territory Wars. This blog post will elaborate why we went to Indiegogo.

First off, why not Kickstarter? It's larger, was the first major player in crowdfunding and has the biggest user base. The answer is simple; you can only start a campaign at Kickstarter if you live in a selected few countries in the world, Norway not being one of them. Indiegogo.com was the runner up, and after doing some research we are certain that it a good solution for us.

As you probably already know, we have our Android game Territory Wars in the Google Play store, but for Territory Wars to go truly viral we believe we need to get Territory Wars to IOS devices. Android and Iphone are the two major players in the mobile space, each of them has their own traits. For instance there is a lot more Android users, but the iphone users seems a bit more willing to pay for their apps. 

Crowdfunding is also a good idea if you have a great project and need cash to develop and publish the idea. Hopefully our indiegogo campaign will bring in the cash we need to develop Territory Wars for IOS full time, because up until now all development has been in our free time. That's after we get home from work, my kid is tucked in and our significant other had gotten our dose of TLC :-). This campaign will enable one of us, Jørgen in fact, to go and work full time for the next 6 months after the Indiegogo campaign is over, if successful :-)

The money the campaign brings in will go to buying of equipment and licenses as we would need a Mac of some sort, an Iphone and a developer license to get started. I don't have any worries we won't be able to pull if off, developing natively to Iphone will be a new experience for us, but a challenge we are ready to accept. We have already done the Android version, so all the technical stuff is already figured out. Both Jørgen and I have a wide experience with developing to different devices. Lars did some stuff with his old Nokia N900 back in the day (have you ever heard of Nokia N900? :-)), and Jørgen has previously worked for ST-Ericsson (making software that runs inside smartphones).

Hopefully we will reach our deadline and release Territory Wars for Iphone this coming Christmas, so please head over to Indiegogo and pledge. Even if you don't have a Iphone, but Android device, the rewards will also affect that game client too when we release the Iphone version.