Why we went to Indiegogo for crowdfunding

Last week we launched our Indiegogo, and our goal is to crowdfund an IOS version of Territory Wars. This blog post will elaborate why we went to Indiegogo.

First off, why not Kickstarter? It's larger, was the first major player in crowdfunding and has the biggest user base. The answer is simple; you can only start a campaign at Kickstarter if you live in a selected few countries in the world, Norway not being one of them. was the runner up, and after doing some research we are certain that it a good solution for us.

Getting users to stay past registering

In the upcoming patch for Territory Wars, Jørgen has been hard at work implementing anonymous users. Until now, you had to register with your email and a username to access the game, or sign up with your Google account.

This is a very common setup for online games as the service provider needs some sort of ID to identify you from all the other players. Unfortunately some people think Territory Wars looks great and downloads it to their device, but is put off by the fact that you have to register.

Understanding Google Play Store, and how to make it work for you

Of all the smartphones in the world, 80% is running the Android platform. Apple’s iOS is second, but far behind at 13%. You could think releasing something to the Google Play Store would set you up for life in terms of getting bucket loads of downloads and eventually getting rich. Well, it does not necessarily work that way.

IAP Roundtrip

Territory Wars has during its short life had a varying business model. Mostly because we're new when it comes to monetization models for games, specifically mobile games.

This article covers some of the experiences we've had with some IAP models.